Search Engine Marketing Software

Advanced Digital Advertising Technology

Powered by Data Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Smart Automation

Informative Insights

Leverage machine intelligence and statistical analysis to get deep insights across campaigns, keywords, products, audiences, user behavior and advanced segments.

Actionable Opportunities

Uncover opportunities to increase performance and get insights tailored to your defined business goals with the help of cognitive algorithms, data intelligence, and marketing analytics.

Intelligent Optimizations

Deploy calculated optimizations with incredible efficiency. Manage campaigns with greater speed and precision at scale using a powerful blend of AdWords scripts and custom automation tools.

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Software Designed For Performance-Minded Advertisers and Agencies

  • Insights for campaigns,¬†products, audiences, and more.
  • Deploy advanced optimizations tailored to your unique goals.
  • Optimize bids with statistical modeling and machine learning.
  • Automate PPC management tasks with flexible rules.
  • Apply calculated bid adjustments and hourly dayparts.
  • Easily manage shopping campaigns at scale.
  • Analyze performance across channels and platforms.
  • Integrate custom and calculated metrics into reports.
  • Quickly reduce reduce wasted ad spend.
  • A/B/n test ads, landing pages, and bidding strategies.

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